Uncertain Times

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These are words we have heard, seen and felt over the last couple of months. 

The extent of the impact is so far-reaching and can vary greatly from person to person. Physical Health, Finance, Employment, Mental Health and The economy are all vulnerable to this virus. 

Some of us are finding it really easy to take this all in our stride. Keep our heads up and see the positive in a difficult situation. Others of us are finding it tough adjusting to this new way of living and feel fearful about what the future holds. Most of us are jumping between the two weekly, daily or even hourly.

I would love to share with you what I have been reminded of in these uncertain times. 

1. God is NOT uncertain. 

Who He is remains the same. The calling on our lives remains the same. What he has promised remains the same. 

2. Times, Seasons, Storms All End.

Though times can be as turbulent as storms, and we can be ever changed by them. They end. The bible does not promise that tough times won't come, but God does promise he will be with us through them ALL

I'm Grateful 

I am SO grateful that our constant God is my anchor. In Him I have stability. In Him I have security. In Him I have provision and In Him, I have a purpose

I really hope you can experience Jesus as your comfort, peace, provision and anchor during this time.


Jesus Is our Anchor




Have you been impacted


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