Growing The Kingdom: #VolunteerWeek

Submitted by ben.poole on Wed, 21/06/2023
Volunteers' Week

Painting Dorms, Eating Fajitas and Selling Yorkshire Puddings: Our Volunteering Week

Volunteering within the UK is at an all-time low. According to the Charities Aid Foundation’s (CAF) UK Giving report, 13% of the UK population volunteered over the past 12 months. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, that figure was 17% of people. That indicates a drop-off of around 1.6 million people offering their time and talents and there’s no doubt that it’s impacting organisations. In an attempt to combat this demise, the bank holiday following King Charles’ coronation was dedicated to encouraging people to volunteer with local charities. The Big Help Out resulted in 7 million people serving as volunteers in all manner of different ways.

Why Volunteer?

Firstly, there are thousands of Christians that volunteer in their local church every week that aren’t necessarily reflected in the numbers above. We know that Jesus was God in Human flesh, yet he came down to Earth to serve not to be served and we reflect that in the way that we serve others. One way to do that is through volunteering, either with your local church or another charity you feel passionate about.

Obviously, depending on where you volunteer or what you do, you could be helping any number of different people from different walks of life. You may be helping the marginalised or sick, feeding the homeless or orphans, counselling young people or older people or street preaching to Muslims or Hindus. All these can be done for the glory of God and be pleasing to him.

Col 2:23 ESV - Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.

According to the Time Well Spent Report 2023 there are also professional, emotional and physical benefits to volunteering:

Among those who’d volunteered in the last 12 months with a group, club or organisation:

  • 89% agree they feel like they make a difference
  • 75% agree it improves their mental health and wellbeing
  • 72% agree it gives them new skills/experience
  • 73% agree it gives them more confidence
  • 68% agree it makes/made them feel less isolated
  • 48% agree it improves their physical health
  • 62% of 18–24 year olds agree it improves their employment prospects

Our Turn

As part of National Volunteers Week (1st - 7th June), three of the Christian Jobs Team offered to volunteer for a day at a local Christian organisation of their choice. Here’s How they got on

Joe - Business Manager

As someone who lives in Stockport, Renewal North West is one of my favourite places to look around for a bargain. Therefore, the idea of volunteering there for a day was highly appealing. From the outside, Renewal North West looks like a large charity shop with masses of affordable, quality furniture, household goods and electricals. It is, however, so much more than just a charity shop with its stylish Refresh Coffee House, Community Computers recycling business, eBay shop and Home Clearance Service. It was with the Home Clearance service that I began my day volunteering.

I had a fantastic day, split between the Home Clearances Team and the Renewal NW Charity shop, but the highlight, by far, was the people I met whilst volunteering. Renewal offers a Residential Rehabilitation Programme for people experiencing long-term unemployment and often issues such as homelessness and addiction. The participants benefit from accommodation, employability skills and, often most importantly, a tight knight community of Christians supporting them. The results are often transformative, as you can read here: 

Ben - Marketing Manager

My wife and I spent a few days at The Jonas Centre last year, and fell in love with it. So, when the idea of volunteering was discussed with the Christian Jobs team, there was never a doubt in my mind about where I wanted to go! It turns out it was the perfect time too, they were already holding a volunteer week with a few others helping out to paint the cabins.

It was great to spend the day outside in the sun, away from screens - being Christian Jobs’ Marketing Manager I’m rarely away from the computer and I work from home. It was really rewarding to do something more physical than I usually would, in the great outdoors. The Jonas Centre team feeding us excellent chicken fajitas in the evening was of course a perk!

I’ll definitely be going back to volunteer with them again as soon as I get the chance! It was a satisfying way to give something back to a place that means a lot to me, to give my time and my energy to help to spruce up and celebrate a brilliant retreat centre.

Charlotte - Business Support Administrator

As soon as the idea of having a volunteer day was put forward in our regular Monday morning meeting, I was on board. And I immediately knew where I wanted to go. I chose to volunteer at The Message Trust, more specifically, The Community Grocery, in Wythenshawe, Manchester. We, as Christian Jobs, have a great relationship with The Message Trust and I wanted to give something back and get involved in all the amazing work they are doing for the community.

The day was really fulfilling. I spent my time replenishing the shelves, pricing up items, and helping people with their shopping. I also got to spend time getting to know the community grocery team who were all super friendly and lovely to work with. I really enjoyed my time here and being able to participate in what God is doing on a daily basis over at The Message Trust was a real privilege.

If you want to learn more about The Community Grocery, you can visit their website via the link below: 

Get Involved

Each of the team had a thoroughly enjoyable experience volunteering and the support was well received by the charities. If you would like to volunteer, look for opportunities online ( or speak to charities or clubs that you know of and offer what time you can.

If you’re looking to recruit volunteers, Christian Jobs has just launched a free volunteer job board. You can post your vacancy there today! (