Great Leaders Take Calculated Risks

Submitted by leigh.richmond on Mon, 11/01/2021
Great Leaders Take Calculated Risks

Risk without calculation is reckless.

Considered risk with calculation can prove to be very effective and change things for the better, but also be prepared for failure. Failure can be the backdoor to success.

I’m bi vocational - I work for Christian Jobs and also as a Minister at Elim Church Northampton. Last year and this year, both organisations made some bold, but God breathed, calculated risks through this challenging period. Risks that we will accept if they fail, calculated enough to know how large the risk is and the reward large enough for the effort.

When Jesus cleared the temple in Jerusalem, he took a calculated risk. He had to take a risk, he couldn’t sit by and let the corrupt people make a mockery of his Father’s house. In your work (and life), don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. And don’t fear failure. Both are back doors to success, and remember, when God is in the decision, the pressure of off because it is in his hands.