Clear skies, New Horizons: Ellie's First Day at ChristianJobs

Submitted by Heather Chiles on Fri, 10/05/2019
Ellie's first day

My first day at Christian Jobs was an exciting and exhilarating experience, I felt very welcome and comfortable settling into my new role. Once I had been introduced to the vibrant and passionate team I was ready to get into the days tasks, confident in my ability to carry out a good day's work, glorifying God and delivering quality content. My new manager James, was very friendly serving us in our work and offering hospitality to each of us in the office, by making a round of tea for our growing team. He was very enthusiastic about us getting into a time of prayer and bible study at the start of the day. We were encouraged by reading Luke chapter 9:57-62 and we spent the time seeking the holy spirit and praying thoughtfully into the verses. James encouraged us to allow God to speak into our situations and communicate through the scripture. We didn’t go through any formal procedures but simply enjoyed this fellowship time with each other which was so refreshing. I really liked building my relationships with team members and felt this was a significant step in connecting me with the individuals at Christian Jobs. I was particularly swayed by the way we got into prayer together in order to share our feedback on what we felt the company needed and how as individuals we could develop and grow. I really recognise a desire for personal development and intimacy in this company and have felt a very positive response towards working here so far.


I really enjoyed proceeding into my administrative role at Christian Jobs and felt strongly encouraged to take hold of my experience in media and data management as well as content creation. The whole day I worked alongside the team, networking with them building connections and integrating my work into my routine with God. I felt that I experienced a very smooth transition into the new job and really got close to the heart of the organisation and all that it encompasses. I mainly worked within data management on my first day but I also got to understand the vision that Christian Jobs had lined up for me in the next few months whilst being employed for them on a part-time basis. I had to really learn a lot about time management and how I best functioned within an office environment and how I could best produce fruit for the company. I observed a great work ethic from everyone in the company, which really rubbed off on me and allowed me to pour my heart into everything I was doing. I didn't only want to feed into the company, by evolving the company database but I also wanted to make my fellow colleagues' roles easier. There was a lot of HR and operational stuff to dig up but I felt it was rewarding to take on the mammoth task of data management. I had so much free reign in which to familiarise myself with the company and the way that Christian Jobs run their day to day. I wasn’t hesitant about asking for help as I was made to feel that I was valid and my views were important. Even though I am starting off at entry level I still felt honoured and humbled to be considered for the role. Overall I feel that Christian Jobs is a unique expert recruitment organisation that puts God at the centre and works hand in hand with employers to give them the best that Christian recruitment has to offer.