Outsourced Application Management

Recruiting staff can be a resource intensive and time consuming process.

We can manage that process so you don’t have to. We carry the workload from the start to finish, by providing a specialist outsourced application management service for you:


We will cover the cost of all print advertising (where agreed) and digital advertising on christianjobs.co.uk, across selected advertising channels, and our social media vehicles. We will also pay for promoted advertising through Facebook and LinkedIn and compliment this with Google adwords.


It is our preferred route to work only on an exclusive basis, as the use of multiple agencies simply confuses the market if applicants are approached by a number of consultants at the same time. Exclusivity also brings your project into sharp focus within our organisation as an assignment of significant importance.


We will prove that we will add value. Our outsourced application management service starts at £2995 per process and with a single hire as an outcome.


Process Overview:


one oamPersonalised Intake Sessions 

The most critical aspect of the campaign is the initial intake session. We conduct this in person (where possible) and ideally with as many decision makers/ position contributors as possible.


two oamCo-created Job Advertisement 

Your dedicated Christian Jobs contact will work with you and your team to aid in the formatting of the job advertisement ensuring that it is as appealing to your target audience as possible.


three oamAdvertise Widely 

Upon uploading the advertisement onto all relevant job boards we will conduct research to find any additional and specific networks or advertising platforms that your position would benefit from being hosted upon.


four oamApplication Handling 

Created in the image of God, we believe every person has infinite worth. This is why throughout this process every applicant receives a response, regardless of suitability. We believe this process honours God, honours the applicant and protects your brand image.


five oamWeekly Review

At the end of each week, your dedicated Christian Jobs contact will provide you with a detailed summary of that week’s progress including the total number of applications received and where these applications are within the interview process. This will be an electronic review.


six oamSubmission Of Suitable Applicants 

Applicants can be submitted in either of two ways: As attachments on the weekly review document; In one batch on an agreed date.


seven oamInterview Arranging And Preparation

Following submission of applicants, and having decided which applicants to progress to interview we will organise this on your behalf. We’ll call each approved applicant to confirm their attendance and provide them with an appropriate interview preparation pack, culminating in you receiving confirmations for all requested interviews.


eight oamHiring Successful Candidate

Once you have completed the interview process and chosen your successful candidate, you can either contact them directly with an offer of employment or you can outsource this to your dedicated Christian Jobs contact. We are also able to assist with any negotiations that may be required as well as conduct informal reference checks.


nine oamProcess Feedback

We will be in constant contact with you throughout this process. However, at the end of the application management process we would like to have an official feedback session as we can constantly improve our processes in order to honour and best support other Christian organisations.


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