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Kings Church Wokingham

Job Description: Senior Leader


As a town, Wokingham is growing quickly and its demographic is widening. Kings is a small local church that is passionate about impacting the local community as it evolves. The church is participative, relational and charismatic. We are seeking a senior leader that can nurture gifting and harness passion to give expression to the kingdom of God in Wokingham.

Role summary

To be a focal point for vision, ethos, values, leadership and development of a team, doctrine, pastoral care and oversight of small groups. Responsible for managing other members of staff (currently 1 part time).

Detailed involvement in Kings Church activities will vary, but the Leader will oversee operations with a team of leaders and have a substantial and significant influence in the on-going development and life of the church. It is a fundamental requirement that the Leader embodies the vision, values and ethos of Kings Church.


Consultative by nature, the Leader will forge and maintain strong, empathic relationships with those with whom they work. Within Kings Church, these relationships may be with Elders, Trustees, those exercising “Ephesians 4” ministries and other leaders in the church. Towards church members in particular the Leader will be visible, approachable, inclusive and willing to serve.

In the community, the Leader will participate in forums and activities with other church leaders and collaborate with them for the benefit of the wider church in Wokingham.

Characteristics and Qualities

  • A positive and encouraging individual, acting as a leader and a team player amongst the wider leadership of the church.
  • A person confident in their approach and articulate in their communication. Prepared not to shy away from challenges or difficult situations.
  • A role model for the church in today's society, promoting the value of our identity in Christ and not defined by how the world measures them.
  • A person who can remain objective in their decision making in order to best fulfil their duties and responsibilities to the church.

Skills and Competencies

  • Clear and empathic communicator who can provide direction and inspire people to live God’s way.
  • Approachable and open with the ability to listen to and empathise with individuals. A source of wise counsel and direction.
  • Capable of synthesising and developing ideas from different people and sources and using these as a means to recognise God’s direction for individuals and for the church as a whole.
  • The ability to recognise and develop potential leaders and bring them through, with others, to maturity.
  • In-depth understanding and knowledge of Scripture and the ability to communicate its meaning to others through teaching and preaching
  • Experienced in using the gifts of the Holy Spirit and encouraging their use in meetings.

Leadership Qualities

Scripture speaks plainly about the characteristics and qualities required of church leaders, particularly as recorded in 1 Tim 3.  These will be evident in the Leader, as will the fruit of the Spirit [Gal 5:23,24].

The Leader’s approach to their work will be characterised by openness, integrity and impartiality. They will include others in decision making and will delegate well, empowering and encouraging members of the church community to take responsibility.

Outcomes of Role

A sense of wellbeing in the church - underpinned with clear vision, values and ethos.

An active, growing church community – demonstrated in both spiritual development and engagement with friends, families and communities.

An ongoing church programme – balancing the relational, spiritual and equipping needs of the church family.

Transformation in individual lives as well as local community impact and overseas mission.



By email to Please submit a resume of relevant experience together with a cover letter outlining why you feel suited for the role at Kings Church, and your heart and priorities for church leadership.

Kings Church Wokingham

Job Location Type
Office Based
Wokingham, GB
Between £30,000.00 and £36,000.00 pa
Church Leader
Part Time
Sun, 13/02/2022
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