Production Manager

Chanctonbury Church

As a church, God has called us to pursue a long-term vision of the ever-increasing in-breaking of His Kingdom into life as we know it: Transforming our lives, churches, communities and land into the breathtaking beauty of the glory of Heaven. We are seeing a crescendo of signs, demonstrations and the evidence of changed lives that indicate to us that God is powerfully on the move.

Our vision for this role operating within the Chanctonbury Worship Community is to cultivate a culture of family, authenticity, freedom and excellence. At Chanctonbury, we believe that it is more than the songs we sing or the things we do, but the heartfelt response we give to God that places value on Him. Our vision is to pursue God and one another wholeheartedly to see one another thrive in our gifting, calling and dreams. As a team, champion one another to be who God has called us to be.

This role is to continue establishing, building and leading a sound production team and a live streaming team within Chanctonbury Church.


  1. To continue to pioneer all sound and video production elements of Chanctonbury Church with skill and excellence.
  2. To continue to build and develop a team of volunteers to deliver consistent and quality mixes on a weekly basis.
  3. To take full ownership in this field by leading sound checks, preparing sound and video equipment for Sunday services, conferences and events, delivering seamless quality throughout.
  4. To prepare and distribute rotas for the sound and live stream teams.
  5. To be an active member of Chanctonbury Worship Community.


  1. In joining our team, you will be an essential part of the Chanctonbury Staff Team. You will be loved, encouraged, equipped, challenged, ‘cheered on’, and nurtured.
  2. You will be the ‘Go To’ person for anything production related - we want you to dream big in this area, lead in this area, pioneer in this area and thrive in this area.
  3. To recruit, train and develop volunteers including organising rotas where necessary.
  4. To liaise with other church staff members and ministry leaders to prepare for church services, conferences and events.
  5. To assess any need for and propose new equipment to senior leadership and train others to use it if deployed.
  6. To take part in other aspects of church life and ministry as requested from time to time, and in line with the post-holders giftings.
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Chanctonbury Church

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Production manager
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Sun, 03/07/2022
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