Christian Evangelist (PT) based in Rochdale

Antioch Network Manchester

Antioch Network Manchester is church-planting Network within the Anglican Diocese of Manchester. We start new congregations in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods and on housing estates across the Diocese, and we have an ambitious vision to start at least 16 new churches by 2026.

We are looking for an evangelist to come and work Part Time with us, primarily in Rochdale, with a focus on young adults. The diverse Antioch churches put a premium on working with different networks, including language networks. This is because their ‘heart language’ is not English and their ability to understand ideas such as the Trinity is constrained by language. The evangelist would have the following roles:

1) Evangelism

They would contact Urdu, Kurdish or Bengali speakers and present the gospel. They would offer different points of contact, offering pathways towards events, meetings and resources where the gospel would be presented. They would work with the diverse church leaders in designing activities, events and outreach strategies appropriate for their language group.

2) Teaching

They would teach the Bible, explaining basic Christian truths, and be closely involved in any baptism preparation. For those already following Christ, they would use and develop materials for people to deepen their understanding of the Bible, and of Christian teaching. This would be done alongside the diverse church leaders. They would offer ways of integrating the teaching of the diverse churches and the Urdu, Kurdish or Bengali-speaking group.

3) Pastoring

They would offer pastoral support for Urdu, Kurdish or Bengali speakers. Again this would be closely integrated with the hospitality and pastoral structure of the diverse churches. They would offer support to the diverse church leaders on cultural, spiritual, material and psychological factors affecting the well-being of those from their language group associated with the churches.

4) Promoting worship

The worker will foster prayer and worship in Urdu, Kurdish or Bengali. Some of this will occur in an Urdu, Arabic or Bengali group, but some may also be expressed in the diverse congregations as a whole. Once again, they will advise the diverse church leaders on how different expressions of worship might best be integrated into the community.


Hours and Location of Work

● The post would be 28 hours per week, up to 100% of which will be based in Rochdale, however there may be some requirement to work up to a maximum of 1 day per week elsewhere in the Diocese of Manchester. For the time spent in Rochdale, some - though not all - of this will likely be at our new ministry base in the town centre.


The post would be a maximum actual salary of £15,680 per calendar year (for 28 hours per week), which is pro rata of £21,000 (FTE).

Post Requirements

● You must be a committed Christian with a good knowledge of English and a mother-tongue level of Urdu, Kurdish or Bengali.

● If you are also familiar with Arabic, that is an advantage, though not essential.

● Knowledge of other languages would be an advantage.

● You must be an energetic person with an ability to engage young people, and solid experience of Christian evangelism.

● You must be able and willing to work in Rochdale as your primary base, and commit to the church in Rochdale, although you may be also asked to work in other diverse areas of Greater Manchester.

● A driving licence is not required, but would be an advantage.

● You must have a pre-existing right to work in the UK. We cannot provide work-place visas to applicants from overseas. Nor can we advise people through the process of immigration to the UK.

● You must be prepared to work in an Anglican network, and maintain a commitment to teaching the Bible.


If you feel this is a match for you and would like to apply, please send a CV with a covering letter explaining why you feel you are a match for the role to our Diverse Director and Co-Founder, Rev John Brett, at

Please note that whilst this vacancy listing has an end-point, we reserve the right to close this and any other staff vacancy once a suitable candidate has been appointed. For this reason, we do not have a formal closing date for this vacancy. 

Antioch Network Manchester

Job Location Type
On Location
Rochdale, GB
£21,000.00 pa
Up to 28 hours per week at a FTE salary rate comes to a maximum of £15,680. This would be paid monthly.
Part Time
Mon, 27/06/2022
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